Bioelectric Memory Patch (12 pack)

Humm is a wearable patch that gently stimulates the brain’s natural rhythms to strengthen memory. Each patch lasts 15 minutes and provides up to two hours of improved mental performance. Use humm up to twice a day for activities that depend on your memory, such as reading, problem solving or learning a language or skill.

  • Pre-order now to receive your first pack in February 2020, and receive a discount on a continuing subscription once we launch.

  • Based on 30 years of scientific research. Proven to be effective against a placebo in controlled trials.

  • Made from environmentally friendly fabrics, gels and innovative disposable battery technology.

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Additional Information

Revitalize your memory.

  • Scientifically Proven

    20% improvement against placebo in clinical trials

  • Improves Working Memory.

    Remember more of what you read and learn new things faster.

  • Works Immediately. Lasts for Hours.

    Humm starts working only 3 minutes after putting on the patch and lasts for 90 minutes on average.

  • Easy to Apply, Remove, and Carry.

    Use at home or take a few patches to work or while you travel.

  • Flexible, Light, Comfortable.

    Gentle on your skin and comfortable in any weather.



How do you use humm?

  1. Remove a single patch from the packaging.

  2. Pull your hair back to ensure there is no hair between the gel pads on the back of the Humm patch and your skin.

  3. Wipe your forehead just under the hairline with the alcohol wipe provided.

  4. Peel the tabs off of the back of the Humm patch and place the patch just below your hairline. (Keep the tabs to place back onto the patch after use).

  5. Slide the toggle switch to turn on the patch.

  6. After 15 minutes, turn the patch off. Position the tabs back onto the gel pads before placing the patch into the return satchel provided.

  7. Wearing the patch for 15 minutes will provide you with 90 minutes of boosted learning!



What should you use humm for?


High cognitive load reading.


Learning a new language.


Problem solving and computations.


Learning a new instrument.

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“Improving memory, and cognitive performance in general, is a tremendous benefit, not just for people with neurological conditions, but for pretty much any healthy individual.”

Ariel poler, Strava